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Amy Kimball Events is a boutique event planning company that approaches each project with creativity, customizations and the highest level of client service. Because every event is unique, Amy Kimball Events works individually with each client to ensure that your event dreams and goals are realized.

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Make your wedding YOURS! From gown to table… with my friend Dress Designer Maya Meirav

Here’s a new concept in wedding planning: build on your own, personal sense of style, rather than trying to fit your wedding into a prepackaged product of someone else’s vision.

Start with the wedding gown: which of your dresses do you love to wear the most? The ones that make you feel like a million bucks.. Your wedding gown should embody the best in all of them – your favorite fit, most sensual fabrics, most flattering cut… In any shade of white, or any other color you feel...


Branding your party.

These days there are so many creative, fun and over-the-top party ideas out there, but one simple way to take your party to the next level is Branding. Branding is not just for the corporate world, you can create a “brand identity” for a private party and it becomes a very personalized and unique event.

To brand a party, start with a custom logo or graphic that connects with the event theme and go from there. Remember the invitation is the first time you are speaking to...


We’re Back… just in time for a Super Bowl Party!

Whether you are watching for the commercials, or for the love of the game, the greatest night in sports is here again…Super Bowl Sunday! This is an event well spent with lots of good company, good food, and great football. If you want to take your Super Bowl Party to the next level–check out these fun DIY decor ideas I put together for NECN here in New England to make your party fun and fabulous!


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